Data Analysis.


Tracking, visualising data and understanding the customer journey. Why they are doing it, and how this behaviour can be converted into actions that can improve the success of your website.

We’re a process driven company. Everything we do is the result of metrics, calculations, iterative feedback loops and data processing. The numbers don’t lie. Every action is scrutinised and measured for performance and success. There’s truth in numbers. We strive to offer the most comprehensively detailed reporting to give you the best course of action to achieve your business goals.

Our capabilities


We’ll help you select and integrate the web analytics and tracking tools that will satisfy your needs the most effectively. Collecting accurate behavioural data is crucial to the success of your business and helps to gain insights about how customers use your website.


Collecting visitor and customer data is often not enough. To often there’s a disconnect between platforms with little or no correlation between data. It’s easy to get lost with volume. We’re experts at joining the dots and creating reports that are enriched with all the metrics you need.


Business decisions taken based on the comprehensive analysis of data rather than emotions or gut feelings almost always result in success. We work to identify obstacles, bottlenecks and trends using statistical and behavioural analysis methods to understand what is truly influencing your business.


We’ve tracked, reported, analysed and now we can finally take action. Whether that means creating a strategy to regain lost customers, introducing a new product line or service, expanding into new territories or revamping your checkout. You can be sure we have the answers you need to get the job done right.

Our process

Our process is simple. Our capability is anything but. We believe we can do better. Our 4-point plan of attack never lets us down. We examine your data with a fine toothcomb, then using own cutting-edge research tools and talented crew, we devise a strategy with a multi-pronged attack to crush your competition and achieve your short, medium and long-term business growth goals.

1. We Listen

We take time to listen and learn what is important to your business and stakeholders. We take note of your previous marketing experiences, what went well and what didn’t. Understanding your expectations and clarifying your goals is crucial to developing a winning strategy that takes you where you want to be.

2. We Learn

Armed with knowledge about your company, we roll our sleeves up and deep dive into your data: Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook, website orders and leads. We look in detail at your industry, your competition, your seasonal trends and your products. This is what we use to feed the machine to devise your strategy.

3. We Strategise

We devise a 6-to-12-month strategy to achieve your short and medium-term goals. Our initial objective is to solidify your current standing to build on strong foundations to enable real business growth. Then we devise a growth plan that will help you achieve your business aims.

4. We Execute

Process and data are what we’re about. Every element of your campaign, from setup to execution is process driven based on facts and numbers, not emotion or intuition. Everything we do is designed to improve the only thing that really matters, your return on investment.

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