3 ways to bring PPC and SEO closer together

If you’re searching for ways to make your search marketing more effective, creating more synergy between your PPC and SEO efforts is a smart place to start.

Using insights from each channel to inform the activities of the other can help you optimise your budget, identify best performing keywords, test new keyword performance and align your search activity for maximum impact.

Here are three actions you can take to bring your PPC and SEO efforts together in a cohesive, strategic manner:

  1. Review your SEO rankings in tandem with your ad spend

Referring back to your organic search rankings when deciding where to allocate your paid search budget allows you to extract the most value from each channel.

Where your organic search performance is strong and you’re dominating search results, it makes little sense to continue allocating large amounts of budget for paid search activity around those terms if competition levels are low. Likewise, if your organic search positions aren’t as strong as you’d like, you can boost paid spend on those keywords to ensure visibility on the search results page and stop competitor domination.

  1. Use your paid search reports to inform organic keywords efforts

Your paid search reports are a potential treasure trove of SEO intel. From your ad performance reports, you can see which keywords are generating the most impressions and clicks. Use this information to inform your SEO keyword list. Your most popular PPC keywords should be a target for organic search but, you can also use them as a starting point to develop additional keyword lists of related terms to include in your content creation, on page optimisation and link building efforts.

  1. Use your best performing ad text to inform your SEO content creation

Your best performing PPC ads are being clicked on and delivering results for a reason. That reason is likely because you have a compelling headline and well-written ad text that marries up with what search users want to see. You can use those same headlines and descriptions to fuel organic search.

Consider whether you could build a whole blog post around a popular headline for example. Or incorporate your top performing headlines into on page titles. The ad descriptions generating the best results could be repurposed as meta descriptions or used in product descriptions.


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