5 tips to convert your web visitors into paying customers

Having a strong website is integral for any business. It’s your home on the internet, as well as the place where new and returning customers can buy your products and services.

If your website is generating a lot of traffic, you may think that you’ve hit the goldmine – but that’s not always the case. High traffic doesn’t always convert into paying customers, a disappointing but all-too-common issue for businesses.

Here’s how you can turn more of your website visitors into paying customers:

1.  Align your content with user expectations

The hard truth that many businesses don’t want to hear is that their website isn’t meeting customer expectations – which could be preventing your traffic from turning into sales.

We often see a disconnect between what a business thinks its customers want to see and what these customers actually want to see. Paying more attention to your customers is the secret to understanding their behaviour, meeting their needs, and convincing them to make a purchase.

2.  Conduct A/B testing

It’s hard to get things right the first time, so when you’re thinking about making changes to your website, maximise your effort by testing two designs at once.

Rewording your homepage, adding new CTA buttons, or switching up the imagery, could be all it takes to secure that sale, so have a go at testing different features at the same time and see what performs best.

3.  Pay attention to your Google Analytics

Your Google Analytics dashboard holds a lot of important data on your web traffic that you shouldn’t ignore.

For example, you may find that most of your traffic is coming from a country you don’t operate in, or that your website is showing up for an irrelevant keyword. Both these scenarios would quickly explain the lack of sales.

4.  Test out using offers to attract customers

Sometimes people need that little push to buy something, so it doesn’t hurt to introduce an offer to incentivise a purchase – especially if it’s a time-sensitive offer that only certain customers can access.

5.  Use heat mapping tools like Hotjar

Finally, a heatmapping tool like Hotjar tells you how people interact with your website. It shows how far they scroll on your pages, dwell time on different features, and how often they click in certain areas.

Using this information, you can place important sales information in places where viewers are guaranteed to see it.

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