Tips on your Black Friday Marketing Strategy

1. The Build-Up: Early Anticipation and Research

In the weeks preceding Black Friday, consumers express curiosity and begin intense research. Focus on providing a smooth online experience and introduce teasers and early discounts. Categories like electronics and high-ticket items gain traction, emphasising the need for a seamless web presence and generic yet enticing promotions.

2. The Craze: Black Friday Unleashed

As Black Friday approaches, consumers become specific in their searches, focusing on particular brands and products. Prioritise clear video communication, streamlined transactions, and explicit communication of discounts. Electronics, beauty, and apparel dominate, underlining the importance of precise brand messaging and efficient transaction processes.

3. The Last Call: Gearing Up for Gifting Season

In the final stage, shoppers seek last-minute deals, especially focusing on gifts like toys and games. Extend your online presence post-Black Friday, and capitalise on the growing interest in Cyber Monday. Ensure your offers are visible even after the main Black Friday rush, maintaining consumer engagement through the holiday shopping season.

Key Strategies for Success:

  1. Seamless Online Experience: Embrace digital strategies to offer consumers a seamless online journey throughout the ten-week Black Friday period.

  2. Early Promotions and Teasers: Generate excitement with early discounts and teasers, capturing consumers’ attention during the research phase.

  3. Clear Communication: Clearly convey brand offers and discounts, particularly during the intense shopping phase, ensuring potential customers are well-informed.

  4. Post-Black Friday Engagement: Extend your promotions beyond Black Friday, engaging consumers in the lead-up to Cyber Monday and the holiday gifting season.

  5. Adaptation to New Norms: Recognize the shift in consumer behavior due to the pandemic, adjusting strategies to meet evolving online retail expectations. Stay agile and prepared for the new baseline in online retail.

By strategically aligning your marketing efforts with each phase, you can maximize your impact and ensure a successful Black Friday season.


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