We’re highly precise in everything we do. We love to optimise and improve; we can fix website issues with our eyes closed, whether you need to change your domain or speed up your website.

• Website Malware Removal

Copy a website to our testing environment, remove all malware and restore it

• Website Javascript Errors Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot and fix website Javascript errors

• Website PHP Errors Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot and fix website PHP errors

• Website Landing Page Creation

Create an optimised landing page from a new or existing design

• Website Email Routing Setup

Configure a website to send emails through a third party e.g. Gmail or Exchange

• Website Contact Form Setup

Configure a contact form to send form data via email or to customer CRM

• Website Image Optimisation

Compress large website images and convert existing images to modern image formats

• Website SEO Optimisation

Configure and optimise a website for better SEO performance

• Website Speed Optimisation

Optimise a website for performance, accessibility and SEO

• Website Server Migration

Copy a website from one hosting provider or server to another

• Website Domain Change

Change a website domain from to and update all internal links

• Website SSL Installation

Generate a new SSL certificate and install on a website

• Website Contact / Signup Form CRM Integration

Configure a website contact form to send form data to customer CRM

• Website Backup Setup & Configuration

Setup and configure an automated backup solution for a website and database

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