Around one third of all online stores are powered by WooCommerce. Its customisability is part of what makes it so popular. We’re WooCommerce experts, whether you sell tables or tablets, we have the solutions to your problems.

• WooCommerce Install & Setup

Install and configure the latest version of WooCommerce on a WordPress installation

• WooCommerce Upgrade

Upgrade and test a WooCommerce installation in our testing environment before upgrading live

• WooCommerce Shipping Setup

Configure WooCommerce shipping option rates by location or product specifics

• WooCommerce Data Import / Export

Import or export WooCommerce data including customers, orders and inventory including conversion from different platforms and data formats

• WooCommerce Products Import / Export

Import or export WooCommerce product data including converting from different platforms and data formats

• WooCommerce Functionality Enhancement

Extend WooCommerce functionality with custom bespoke enhancements

• WooCommerce Plugin Development

Custom development for a new or on an existing WooCommerce plugin

• WooCommerce Checkout Optimisation

Optimise the design and function of a checkout page to improve the conversion rate

• WooCommerce Checkout Address UK & Ireland Postcode Lookup

Speed up your checkout experience with a postcode address lookup feature for billing and shipping addresses

• WooCommerce Payment Gateway Setup

Install and configure a new WooCommerce payment gateway (e.g., Stripe or PayPal)

• WooCommerce Currency Setup

Configure a WooCommerce store to operate in multiple currencies

• WooCommerce PayPal Setup

Configure WooCommerce to support PayPal payments pre and post checkout

• WooCommerce Search Setup

Install and configure a WooCommerce product search engine

• WooCommerce Elasticsearch Setup

Improve WooCommerce native search with Elasticsearch for a faster, smarter and more adaptable search engine

• WooCommerce Product Markup / Margin Management Capability

Manage product margins based on category, brand or weight and store your cost of good price to accurately report profits

• WooCommerce Order Fulfilment / Dropship Setup

Connect a WooCommerce installation to an order fulfilment platform or a dropship supplier using plugins or custom development

• WooCommerce Shopping Feed Setup

Setup a shopping feed in WooCommerce to feature products on Google Shopping and other shopping platforms

• WooCommerce Product Image Optimisation

Compress large website images and convert existing images to modern image formats

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